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Florida Konica CR Regius 190 Sales and Service


MMI offers service and repair for Konica Regius 190 CR in Florida and Georgia.   


Konica CR Repairs, Sales & Preventive Maintenance:

The Konica Regius 190 CR
 - A new Compact, High-Performance Design Utilizing a unique dual bay design, the high speed REGIUS Model 190 Xpress CR reader processes up to123 plates per hour for maximum performance.  This next generation reader radically improves workflow all within a mere 23 x 23 inch footprint.

A New Standard in User Interface:  Highly regarded for intuitiveness and simplicity, the Xpress CR Control Station provides all the flexibility and control needed to create your ideal workflow environment.

Succeeding the "Ultimate Resource Sharing System" concept introduced in REGIUS MODEL 170, the new REGIUS MODEL 190 has been enhanced with new functions to provide more powerful tools. Introducing the New REGIUS, even easier to use, even more refined.


Tech Specs

Exposure size 14”×17”/14”×14”/11”×14”/10”×12”/8”×10”/
18×24cm/24×30cm/15×30cm and others
Sampling Pitch 3Types:87.5/175 and 43.75μm for Mammography
Maximum Resolution 4020×4892 (14”×17”/87.5μm)
5440×6776 (24×30cm/43.75μm/Mammography)
7080×9480 (14”×17”/43.75μm/PCM)
Digital Gradation Level 4096 levels (12bit)
Processing Capability approx. 90plates/hour (14”×14”/175μm)
Cassette Feed/Load Time or Cassette Cycle Time approx. 40 seconds (14”×14”/175μm)
Slots Insert×1 (plus 1 stack)
Eject×1 (4-stack)
Outer Dimensions/Weight W580×D580×H1230mm/approx. 170kg
Power Consumption AC100/115/120/200/220/230/240V ±10%
50/60Hz approx. 1.1kW
Operating Conditions Temperature:15-30℃
Humidity:40-80%RH (no condensation)

The above specifications may change without notice.




Better X-Ray Absorption For Better Images:

The REGIUS family of CR products employs the most advanced CR detector technology — BaFI:Eu — which yields the highest Detective Quantum Efficiency (DQE) in the industry. REGIUS plate’s high X-Ray absorption means less granularity and greater sharpness in the images.






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MMI Can service your X-Ray Unit and your CR.  Save time, energy and money with MMI!
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