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MMI offers service and repair for Konica Regius 170 CR in Florida and Georgia.   


Konica CR Repairs, Sales & Preventive Maintenance:

The Konica Regius 170 CR  -

Designed to meet a wide range of workflow requirements, Konica Minolta’s Xpress CR System offers the footprint of
a single-bay unit, the workflow of a dual bay model and the performance of a multi-bay CR system. For clinics,
ICU/CCU or remote imaging centers, the Xpress CR system delivers the highest performance for 2-view exams with its unique 2nd plate insertion feature. When meeting demands of high-volume departments or imaging centers, two Xpress CR systems can be networked to create  a multi-processor, multi-bay solution. Truly scalable, Xpress CR offers unsurpassed performance in through-put, redundancy, and workload balancing.

Tech Specs

90 Plates Per Hour (14 x 14"), 4 Cassette Output Bay, 12 Bits Per Pixel Grayscale, Cassette Cycle Time: 40 Seconds, Cassette Sizes: 14 x 17", 14 x 14", 11 x 14", 10 x 12", 6 x 12", 8 x 10", Maximum Resolution 4020 x 4892, Regius CS-2 Console, Pentium 4 Workstation, 20GB Storage, DICOM, Bar Code Reader.



Loading a Konica Regius CR 170 Cassette


Better X-Ray Absorption For Better Images:

The REGIUS family of CR products employs the most advanced CR detector technology — BaFI:Eu — which yields the highest Detective Quantum Efficiency (DQE) in the industry. REGIUS plate’s high X-Ray absorption means less granularity and greater sharpness in the images.


Konica Regius 1970 Technical Specifications




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