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As the medical world moves to Picture Archiving and Communication Systems, PACS, for filmless imaging, many facilities are wrestling with the issues of working in a hybrid environment, and then managing costs and compliance once they’re fully converted to digital. 


Managed Medical Imaging (MMI) offers an affordable PACS system for hospitals, diagnostic centers and other organizations looking to save money and time through the implementation of PACS (Picture Archiving Communication System.   MMI provides a cost-effective lifecycle
approach to managing both the transition and the full PACS radiological environment.  By taking advantage of our expertise, facilities can achieve a film-less environment quickly while controlling costs and ensuring compliance with HIPAA regulations.


Implementation of a PACS can save incredible amounts of money and space.



Film Cost Reduction
Since PACS images are digital, the use and cost of film are eliminated. Some hospitals report going filmless in less than five months and eliminating all film in reading rooms. Frisbie Memorial Hospital in New Hampshire went from spending $19,000 a month to zero on film.

FTE Reduction/Reallocation [full-time equivalents]
You won't need as many full-time employees (or equivalents), since you'll no longer require technicians for film, proofing and shipping. Frisbie Memorial Hospital went from 3.5 staff to 1.5.

Space Savings/Reallocation
Some hospitals have eliminated their film rooms entirely and converted them to much-needed office space.


A Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) provides for the viewing, storing and retrieving, communication and managing of medical digital images and related information. The related information could be patient demographic information, contain diagnostic reports, or clinical history. The managing aspect facilitates the workflow of an imaging department such as organizing studies, presenting them in a consistent manner in the form of work lists, and keeping track of study status. In order to provide these features, a PACS system consists typically of an archive device, diagnostic viewing stations for radiologists and clinical review by physicians, server(s) to distribute the images via a public network and the required database and workflow management software. Digital X-ray modalities such as Computerized or Digital Radiography (CR/DR) are sometimes considered PACS components as well.

PACS COSTS:  The price of a modern PACS and its associated upgrades is as variable as the vendors and institutions that need them. The bare bones software with a 1 terabyte server might cost as little as a few hundred thousand dollars, but that does not include archive servers, the service contract, new workstations, plus migrating all of the old data from the legacy PACS and a host of other related expenses and options. Although upgrading a PACS might be the cost of doing business in radiology, certain strategies can help to decrease those costs.





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